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raf·fle 1

A lottery in which a number of persons buy chances to win a prize.
v. raf·fled, raf·fling, raf·fles
To dispose of in a raffle. Often used with off.
To conduct or take part in a raffle.

[Middle English rafle, a game using dice, from Old French, act of seizing, dice game, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

raf′fler n.

raf·fle 2

Rubbish; debris.

[Probably from French rafle, act of seizing, from Old French; see raffle1.]
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(Biography) Sir Thomas Stamford. 1781–1826, British colonial administrator: founded Singapore (1819) as a station for the British East India Company
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Noun1.Raffles - British colonial administrator who founded Singapore (1781-1826)
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Singapore is celebrating its National Day on Aug 9 and this year' celebration is special because it marks the nation's bicentennial milestone, 200 years since Sir Stamford Raffles came to Singapore.
Local historian Penny Hartley has developed a deep interest in the man who was the first resident of Singapore from 1819 to 1823, and yet has been overshadowed after falling out with Sir Stamford Raffles, whose name has gone down in British history.
McKenna was taken to the Police Court and remanded into custody by the Stipendiary magistrate Thomas Stamford Raffles.
Named after Sir Stamford Raffles, it's evolved into an elegant haunt for celebrities, writers and royalty.
A Sir Richard Randall B Sir Thomas Howard C Sir Constable Brown D Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles 6.
Grey Britain was doing his best work at the finish when third to outsider Stamford Raffles that day, with the reopposing Higher Power fourth, and could be ridden differently this time.
SIR Stamford Raffles is best remembered as the founder of modern-day Singapore, but a new exhibition sheds light on less well-known exploits of a man also criticised as a disobedient adventurer and bloodthirsty imperialist.
For half a century since 1969, a white polymarble statue of Sir Stamford Raffles stood by the Singapore River, purportedly at the exact spot where the British colonial official first landed when he reached the Lion City.
The statue is of Sir Stamford Raffles, who cut a slippery deal with the locals in what was then known as Singapura to claim the island as a port for Britain's East India Company.
In particular, she adapts the postcolonial discourse of Edward Said and Linda Nochlin to shed light on Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles's intentions in establishing British influence and presence in the region, his wider political agenda, and the reasons for his failure to convince the government and the East India Company to establish their power in Java.
'When Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819, one of the first things he did was to persuade Hadhrami families to come here,' recounted Singapore's former foreign minister George Yeo at the launch of a 2010 exhibition about Arabs in Southeast Asia.