Stamp head

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a heavy mass of metal, forming the head or lower end of a bar, which is lifted and let fall, in a stamp mill.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If they are, then an effect of handedness should be obtained for recall of stamp head orientation which is similar to that for recall of coin head orientation in spite of the overall higher level of accuracy, 69.4 per cent (111/160), for stamps.
Each stamp battery consisted of five cast-iron stamp heads, which were alternately raised and dropped onto an iron die in a common mortar.
With Declan Walker napping, Jamie Yates wriggled free on 27 minutes to hang in a cross and former Chester man Stamp headed past Maxwell.
But the visitors took the lead five minutes into the second-half when Stamp headed home from Simon Baldry's cross.
Stamp headed wide and Sanna had to make a good save to tip Walshaw''s header onto the bar for Danny Grannon to complete the clearance.
But the curse of the late goal struck the Sandgrounders once again as, in stoppage time, Stamp headed home an equaliser to send the hosts closer to the relegation trapdoor.
In between times, Halifax responded through Lewis Killeen, while Darryn Stamp headed off target for York.
In the afterglow of Mission To Mars six months before, Val Kilmer (right) and Terence Stamp headed to the Red Planet for some decidedly similar sci-fi exploits.
Dean Gordon scored from Gazza's 20th minute pass and Phil Stamp headed No.2 in 32 minutes.
Another new machine, the Model 5000, with two stamp heads and one die cutter, will be introduced in the U.S.
As the game entered stoppage time Port looked set to hand themselves a Conference survival lifeline but their hopes were dashed in stoppage time when Stamp headed home.
Stamp headed a cross from McIntyre inches wide of the post, and Osborn made a good save from a scorching 2 5yardfree-kick from McIntyre.