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Noun1.Stan the Man - United States baseball player (born in 1920)
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then mentioned how much Stan the Man loved the fans, or the 'true believers' as he liked to address them, and how everything he created was for them.
This is the 20th edition of the event and there is a lot of excitement building up as the crowd support for Stan The Man has been phenomenal.
"You know, sometimes I still feel that way myself," said Stan the Man. "Thank your dad for me.
Stan The Man is 8-11 and must be backed as though defeat is out of the question, mainly because it is.
Stan the Man has spent his whole career in the shadow of his countryman and 17-Major legend Federer.
Stan the Man was a ski instructor at Pine Ridge in Barre for many years, sharing his love of the sport.
Known in the baseball world as "Stan the Man," Musial had suffered from Parkinson's disease and age-related dementia, Schwarze said.
DAVE WALLACE Glad to hear this, hopefully see Stan the man back in a Villa shirt soon!
The celebration featured a reunion of members of the 1941 team--a collection of players who had been there to witness the emergence of the little-known rookie who would go on to become Stan the Man. The 1941 Cardinals who were able to make it to the party included Johnny Beazley, Walker Cooper, Frank Crespi, Erv Dusak, Harry Gumbert, Ira Hutchinson, Howard Krist, Whitey Kurowski, Eddie Lake, Gus Mancuso, Marty Marion, Steve Mesner, Johnny Mize, Terry Moore, Don Padgett, Howie Pollet, Enos Slaughter, Lon Warneke, and Ernie White.
Unfortunately, the other finalist, Stan the Man on Gas Mark 5, with his Indredible Edible Spaceboots, loses and sabotages Bob's invention by replacing its golden heart with a lump of rock.
A POEM FOR LESLEY ON HER RETIREMENT Lesley my dear, you gave me a shock, Didn't realise you were watching the retirement clock, The joyous day was Wednesday the seventh, After that day life was just heaven, No more work to make you grumptious, Home with Graham will be just scrumptious, Off on the road with your new caravan, "I will keep to the left", says Stan the man, Much more time to spend with the grandkids, Spoil them rotten and spend lots of quids, No time at all to just sit around, no you just can't, You will be too busy looking after your aunt, We will miss you Lesley, you are the best, Now it's time for a fun-filled rest.