Standardized solution

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(Chem.) a solution which is used as a reagent, and is of a known and standard strength; specifically, a normal solution, containing in each cubic centimeter as many milligrams of the element in question as the number representing its atomic weight; thus, a normal solution of silver nitrate would contain 107.7 mgr. of silver in each cubic centimeter.
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The implementation of SimCorp Dimension will further this endeavor, serving the central bank with a highly standardized solution for its foreign exchange reserve operations.
NSCC), delivers a centralized and standardized solution for reporting retirement-plan-level information between mutual fund industry participants.
Expedia has partnered with Amadeus, a world leading global distribution system, to create a standardized solution that allows participating airlines to seamlessly offer their branded fares to customers.
The kit provides an optimized and standardized solution for the isolation and normalization of cell lysates from 3D Culture Matrix, BME or Laminin I for subsequent biochemical analysis.
To counteract the signs of aging, Evonik offers Tego Arjuna 5, a standardized solution of pentacyclic triterpenes from the bark of the ariun tree.
Through Supply Chain Solutions, Brunner said CEVA would offer a standardized solution, but with the flexiblility to change routing at the last moment when the standard process was disrupted.
The requirements for a standardized solution that could easily be duplicated were satisfied using four modular off-the-shelf eight-channel CompactPCI/PXI modules with signal conditioning and ADC in a rack mounted enclosure.
The result, Siemens asserts, is that Sinamics saves engineering time and money, especially for large companies that want a single, modular, standardized solution that works across a broad range of products.
Using a standardized solution to address current and future needs
Other useful safeguard strategies include routine pharmacy review of certain drugs, access control with special labeling and dispensing precautions, use of standardized protocols for ordering, dosing and administration which include standardized solution concentrations and preprinted protocol order sheets.
offers its cartilage punch, a simplified and standardized solution for optimal stabilization of Kurz AERIAL total prostheses on the stapes footplate, developed by Professor Huettenbrink, Dresden, Germany.
The combination of these strengths will provide a standardized solution to the task of adding automated positioning and machine management control systems to off-highway equipment.

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