Standing bolt

See Stud bolt, under Stud, a stem.

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While Mr Brass, with his eye curiously twisted into the keyhole, uttered these sounds as a means of attracting the lodger's attention, and while Miss Brass plied the hand-bell, Mr Swiveller put his stool close against the wall by the side of the door, and mounting on the top and standing bolt upright, so that if the lodger did make a rush, he would most probably pass him in its onward fury, began a violent battery with the ruler upon the upper panels of the door.
The surprise with which Kate, as she closed the room-door, beheld, close beside it, Newman Noggs standing bolt upright in a little niche in the wall like some scarecrow or Guy Faux laid up in winter quarters, almost occasioned her to call aloud.
Again if you're being picky Hamilton should be doing better - it went in straight over his 6ft 3in frame into the middle of the goal with him standing bolt upright.
Standing bolt upright in the saddle hanging off his poor horse's mouth is no way to treat the winner of a weak seller, a horse walking home from the gallops or a happy cob out hacking.
Standing bolt upright and staring straight ahead in their Hamas uniforms, the bearded men - in their 20s and 30s - are not quite Gaza's answer to international boy bands like Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync.
I usually get out of it by standing bolt upright like a statue made of the coldest stone, giving off the kind of body language signals which suggest that should someone approach me for a kiss, they're more likely to get an earful of high-pitched screams.
As McSheffrey turned after saluting the Main Stand, midfielder Muamba ran up to him, placed his hands on his shoulders and leapfrogged right over his head - with McSheffrey standing bolt upright.
"I was looking for old anatomical drawings and I came across this picture of a skeleton, standing bolt upright ( with a rhinoceros happily grazing in the background.
The film showed Mr Carr standing bolt upright and walking steadily just one minute after he was supposed to have been "paralytic drunk", then in Middlesbrough police station's custody office answering questions.
Dressed immaculately in uniform and standing bolt upright to attention, it would be easy to mistake any member of the Coventry Central Young Firefighters branch for the real thing.
MICKAEL BARZALONA rewrote the art of the Derby possible yesterday when, in a bravura performance only a young man could dream of pulling off, he brought Pour Moi from last turning into Epsom's life-shaping straight to lead at the last gasp and pass the post standing bolt upright in his irons.