Standing part

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(Naut.) That part of a tackle which is made fast to a block, point, or other object
That part of a rope around which turns are taken with the running part in making a knot or the like.

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the expected services are executed for one part in a fixed part, and for the other party, part of a standing part.
Set your anchor as normal, but feed the tether line loop through a bow cleat and over a small loop you've pinched in the standing part of the tether line.
An enduring earthquake image of California is a collapsed adobe home with the door frame as the only standing part.
Suzanne Rowan, of Colwyn Bay, said: "It's time to start spending money on building up a long standing part of Colwyn Bay - its pier.
When our table was ready, we were shown to The Dungeon restaurant, housed in the ancient barrel-vaulted basement of the castle - the oldest standing part of the building.
It is also referred to as the Amidah, "the standing"--obviously, the standing part is important.
Premium international brands including Chanel, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vitton have been a long standing part of Melbourne's retail landscape however the addition of these mid to lower priced retailers has driven renewed excitement amongst customers as well as demand from other operators, encouraged by the prospect that locating close to these marquee names will increase exposure and boost sales.
Tuck the working end back under the standing part where it lies beneath the crossover.
Bring the end over the standing part, slip it through the loop formed, and tighten enough so the knot grips the standing part, but not so tight that it can't slide up and down.
Woods took on the course like a champion, if not exactly relishing its challenge, still probing it for weaknesses, wrestling with its problems and standing up to fight, even on the occasions when 30mph winds made just the standing part difficult.
A standing part is foreseen within the meaning of article 78 of decree 2016-360 of 25.
We're very excited to have integrated this long standing part of our business into the user friendly screening system that handles the applicant background checks.