Stanford University

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Noun1.Stanford University - a university in California
Palo Alto - a university town in California
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Thus, in addition to the cousins Dorothy and Florence, Martin encountered two university professors, one of Latin, the other of English; a young army officer just back from the Philippines, one-time school- mate of Ruth's; a young fellow named Melville, private secretary to Joseph Perkins, head of the San Francisco Trust Company; and finally of the men, a live bank cashier, Charles Hapgood, a youngish man of thirty-five, graduate of Stanford University, member of the Nile Club and the Unity Club, and a conservative speaker for the Republican Party during campaigns - in short, a rising young man in every way.
Jordan, of Stanford University, maintains with considerable heat that it was a species of gigantic Tadpole ( Thaddeus Polandensis ) or Polliwig -- Maria pseudo-hirsuta .
He was president of the Stanford University, a private benefaction of the times.
The Archive of Recorded Sound at Stanford University (ARS) is pleased to announce the completion of the processing of the Maria Callas Sub-Collection of the Robert Baxter Collection.
Chan, Jr., Stanford University and NBER, "Who Should Get Blood?
Towards Artificial Intelligence for Collaborative, Open Scientific Discovery Evan Patterson (Stanford University), Ioana Baldini (IBM Research AI), Peter Bull (DrivenData)
Among the institutions at which she has appeared are the Juilliard School, Yale University, Eastman School of Music, Brigham Young University, Stanford University, UCLA, San Francisco State University, Arizona State University, University of Iowa, University of Oregon, University of Arizona, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, University of the Pacific and the Idyllwild Arts Academy.
Stanford University scientists have found that a smartphone app paired with Google Glass can help children with autism understand facial expressions.
Under the partnership, Stanford University will help the Saudi enhance its offerings in the fields of computer science and engineering in line with the standards of international learning institutions
San Francisco, Shawwal 08, 1439, June 22, 2018, SPA -- A Strategic partnership between Prince Mohammed bin Salman College for Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies and the Stanford University of America have been signed in San Francisco, California.
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 10 ( ANI ): Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh on Wednesday informed that the United States Stanford University will come in a partnership with the state to combat disease like Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES).

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