Stannic oxide

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tin oxide, SnO2, produced artificially as a white amorphous powder, and occurring naturally in the mineral cassiterite. It is used in the manufacture of white enamels, and, under the name of putty powder, for polishing glass, etc.

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The first is a thin-film composite reverse-osmosis membrane that uses stannic oxide nanoparticles, specially designed to cope with the high salinity of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, so it will be less likely to foul.
Selected and peer reviewed, 69 papers examine such topics as fabricating hierarchical stannic oxide nanocrystals and their sensing properties to volatile organic compound vapors, synthesizing surface-modified oil-soluble silica nanospheres and investigating their tribological behavior, experiments on lump iron ores as a sintering hearth layer, the water stability of asphalt mixtures, the pavement performance of basalt fiber-modified asphalt mixtures, the solid phase synthesis of novel fullerene nucleotide conjugates, the effect of argon purification on the microstructure and properties of high-strength gray cast iron, and the microstructure and mechanical properties of cold-rolled transformation-induced-plasticity (TRIP) steel sheets.