Stannous chloride

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(Chem.) a white crystalline substance, SnCl2.(H2O)2, obtained by dissolving tin in hydrochloric acid. It is used as a mordant in dyeing.

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The company promoted anhydrous stannous chloride (also known as Tin(II) chloride, or Sn[Cl.
Ciprofloxacin (Java pharmaceutical, Pakistan), D-mannitol, D-penicillamine, Octanol, Stannous chloride, Gentistic acid (Sigma Aldrich, USA), Sodium pyrophosphate, Ascorbic acid, Acetone (Riedel, Germany), Saline (Otsuka, Pakistan), Tricholoacetic acid (Fisher Scientific, UK).
His pieces are finished in crater glaze, fuming with stannous chloride and textural glazes such as dry shino and shino crawl glazes.
Soluble phosphate was extracted with distilled water and reacted with ammonium molybdate and stannous chloride to form the brightly blue-colored heteropoly-molybdenum blue which was analyzed spectrophotometrically at 650 nm.
Many reducing agents such as sodium sulphite, hydrazine, titanous chloride, lithium aluminium hydride, stannous chloride [8,9], etc.
Anhydrous stannous chloride (98%) was received from Acros Organic in the form of fine powder.
Briefly, o-chloroaniline is reacted with sulfuric acid and formaldehyde under the catalyst of stannous chloride for 3-4 hr.
The stannous chloride was randomly sprayed under each of our noses.
The curing system consisted of SP-1045 octylphenol resin from Schenectady International activated with stannous chloride.
Stamm notes that NTP scientists who conducted a similar animal study eight years ago, examining the toxicity of stannous chloride in drinking water, found a cancer incidence slightly higher than that of the recent fluoride study, yet they concluded there was no statistically significant cancer association.
The selected consultant shall develop a pilot testing program and evaluation of a water treatment process utilizing stannous chloride to remove chromium-6 from groundwater to levels sufficiently below the State of Californias MCL of 10 ppb.