Star drift

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1.(Astron.) Similar and probably related motion of the stars of an asterism, as distinguished from apparent change of place due to solar motion.- ##?? = star streaming? -
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The 5th Saudi Star Drift Championship has been announced in a press conference in Jeddah on Monday.
"We emphasize our commitment to supporting local communities across the KSA by sponsoring and supporting lively events such as this, as well as events such as the Hai'l International Rally, Saudi Star Drift Championship, and others."
Then either nudge your scope 37' due east or star drift for 2 1/2 minutes to 6.8-magnitude HD 144149.
Head gardener Mike Anderson said: "We have over 50 varieties of daffodils here - all are slightly different, some are scented, others have wonderful names such as star drift and King Alfred.
JEDDAH: Saudi Star Drift Championship kicked off its 1st round for 2015 season recently with large presence of motor sport enthusiasts gathered at King Abdullah Park at Alshoaba in Al Ahsaa province.
In this case it is important to have the star drift across the center of the field.
If I align the mount on celestial north very carefully by star drift, then swing the telescope to a different part of the sky, the alignment is off again!
The first round of the 4th Saudi Star Drift Championship recently concluded at the Alkhobar Corniche.
Turning off your scope's motor drive will help you determine it; the direction of star drift indicates where west lies.
In addition, this year's edition includes include several adrenalin pumping live action events including the final round of Saudi Star Drift Championship, Off-Road Experience, car customization, interactive areas and electronic virtual driving.
Little princesses will love Sparkling Carriage or Ballgown Pink while budding astronauts can fly off with Buzz Lightyear's Buzz Green or Star Drift. You can have Goofy Green or Snoozy Blue or enjoy the enchantment of the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh.