Star polygon

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(Geom.) a polygon whose sides cut each other so as to form a star-shaped figure.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was a skill I learned years ago as a student of the great Rosemary Gladstar (literally, a star figure in the field of modern herbalism, internationally renowned for her technical knowledge and stewardship in the global herbalist community).
Born in Russia, Yelchin moved to the United States when he was six months old with his parents, star figure skaters with the Leningrad Ice Ballet.
He's not considered much of a star figure, which is why he hasn't attracted bids from big Italian clubs or even played a single minute of senior international football for Italy.
It considers the evolution of the rock star figure as a cultural icon, it follows movies, media exposure, and how rock stars replaced movie stars as cultural heroes, and it blends social and political insights in a coverage that will appeal both to music readers and college-level audiences who follow social and cultural trends.
when several members of the North Star Figure Skating Club of Westboro put on a skating show at the Worcester Common Oval.
It sparked rumours that the star figure skater had co-operated with the Stasi and been given cars, a flat and other perks to persuade her not to defect, all of which Witt insists was untrue.
Though a politically insignificant event, the university launch ceremony was conspicuous with the presence of Al Assad, who turned to be a star figure on the occasion.
One of her jobs led to her losing her movie star figure. She served behind the counter of an ice cream parlour, dishing up concoctions called Hope Floats.
"We also have an advanced hockey league, and the North Star Figure Skating Club, which uses the ice for more than 30 hours each week."
It may be the fourth-smallest constellation, with an area of just 93 square degrees, but its proximity to Alpha Centauri and its distinctive shape make Circinus a star figure that you can find with relative ease.
Nearly half of readers (45pc) say they aspire to a slimmer version of themselves rather than to a film star figure, and 68pc think that having a celebrity diet body is a turn-off.