Star flower

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(Bot.) A plant of the genus Ornithogalum; star-of-Bethlehem
See Starwort (b)
An American plant of the genus Trientalis (Trientalis Americana

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The Icon joins the existing settings in Graff's bridal collection that bear the names of historically important Graff diamonds: Paragon, Promise, Flame, Legacy, Star Flower, Constellation and Signature.
The priciest Riverhead home sold in January was a 5-bedroom, 2.5-bath home on .37 acres at 9 Star Flower Row that sold for $50,000 in cash.
OFFER - BUY 150 TRITELEIA QUEEN FABIOLIA FOR PS7.98 + PS3.99P&P This week's best-selling offer at, is for Triteleia Queen Fabiola, also known as the star flower. It's a little-known but superb Northern American spring favourite.
Star Flower is a beautiful quilting design that starts in the center and radiates outward.
I also try to take star flower oil or evening primrose oil on a regular basis.
Wales' victory means they will take on England, Australia and New Zealand in next year's Four Nations, and Crusaders star Flower admits he cannot wait to test himself against the best players in the world next autumn.
Some natural remedies with rewarding results Capsules of Star Flower oil (Borage oil) 500mg twice daily after food and Vitamin E 400mg once daily for a few months.
Most are sun lovers, but some, such as spring star flower (Ipheion uniflorum), tolerate partial shade as well.
Jefferson made 126 from 125 balls and former Zimbabwe Test star Flower 106 to help steer their side to an imposing total of 309 for four from 50 overs.
The charity is running a competition for youngsters aged between five and 11 to draw their own version of its star flower emblem.
Also occurring here is a unique association of other plants such as Sierra laurel, star flower, and fawn lily.
It's used with a muslin cloth which helps to exfoliate the skin and it smells divine with its blend of organic antioxidant ingredients such as rosehip seed oil and star flower.