Star fort

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(Fort.) a fort surrounded on the exterior with projecting angles; - whence the name.
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In May 1781, Continental troops, led by General Nathanael Greene and a local militia, laid siege to the Star Fort for thirty-one days.
Following the so-called star fort design initially proposed by Leonardo da Vinci, the barracks are believed to be the last fort-ress built on this principle in Europe, with only FortWorth in Texas postdating it.
It's an overwhelming task--with 90 acres of land, 43 buildings, and a star fort to maintain--but there's nothing Berlucchi would rather be doing.
It will link the Walled City conservation area to the historic site of the former Ebrington military barracks on the opposite side of the river which includes the Star Fort monument and a complex of listed buildings around the parade ground.
The latter accounts for only approximately 25 per cent of the US branch of the sport, and from this background came horses like Grand National winners Jay Trump and Ben Nevis, British chase star Fort Devon and 22-race winner Saluter.
There's the remains of the tiny Dutch Star Fort to visit if you have to stop off.
Stroll its pine-needle-covered walkways to the old star fort while cicadas shriek overhead, and let your mind wander to the 1580s.
* Crossing the causeway linking Kayts Island with its Hindu temples and tiny fishing villages to Jaffna town, passing the old Star Fort built by the Portuguese in 1618
Seven nights at the two star Fort D'Auvergne, from various Scottish airports to Jersey on July 5.
Also entering the Hall Of Fame were Ansel Williams, trainer of Aristides, winner of the inaugural Kentucky Derby in 1875; Riva Ridge, winner of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes in 1972; two-time distaff champion Bayakoa and turf star Fort Marcy, Horse of the Year in 1970.
In addition to the stone and adobe ruins, Fort Union National Monument preserves traces of the earthworks associated with the earlier Star Fort, a massive Civil War-era fortification that was the objective of Confederate troops who were turned back at the 1862 Battle of Glorieta Pass.