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A violent rift in the dense surface of a magnetar that has been warped by its own intense magnetic field.

[star + quake, on the model of earthquake.]
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"The theories are now that the radio wave burst might be linked to a very compact type of object -- such as neutron stars or black holes and the bursts could be connected to collisions or 'star quakes'.
Astronomers consider "star quakes" of the neutron star crust or interactions between the superfluid stellar interior and the crust to be possible explanations.
The satellite is also able to probe into the interiors of stars by studying star quakes on their surfaces--similar to the way geologists learn about the Earth's interior by studying earthquakes.
He and Frail say they have ruled out "star quakes" - motions originating within the pulsar - as an explanation for the wavering radio signals.
The approach, which has been extremely successful, according to Provencal, has placed the fledgling science of "star quakes" at the forefront of stellar astrophysics.