Star wheel

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(Mach.) a star-shaped disk, used as a kind of ratchet wheel, in repeating watches and the feed motions of some machines.

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Capable of handling up to 400 products per minute, the turret-based machine features a rotating star wheel for precise product transport.
One feature is the integrated robot which inserts the bottles together with their caps into the star wheel. Only the robot's vacuum cup needs to be switched when changing formats, which can be done quickly and easily with a plug-in coupling, according to the company.
These include a basic telescope, written material, guidelines on how to start an astronomy society and a star wheel to help students become familiar with the night sky.
Middle: A universal screw on the Suprbloc feeds bottles to a universal star wheel on the screwcapper.
Many resources for beginners and those at intermediate level are available from the ASSA website, including the Southern Star Wheel planisphere, ConCards (constellation and deep-sky object finder charts) and the comprehensive Deepsky Observer's Companion tutorial.
From here, they are subsequently transferred by a continuous-motion scroll to a variable speed star wheel and then to the rake conveyor.
For those looking for speed, the Star Wheel system (developed with PFM) allows for the high-speed transfer of products at 90 degrees.
Friday started things off in very promising style, with Aberfeldy indie outfit Star Wheel Press opening, before dramatic Meursault, Falkirk duo Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, and psych–rockers the Phantom Band.
By including only the most prominent deep-sky objects, the ConCards fill the gap between planispheres (such as the Southern Star Wheel) and star atlases.
Use either a "star wheel" dresser (below left; Palmgren No.
Washout tests conducted on the Pro Star Wheel Bearing Grease found a washout rate that's approximately half that of traditional grease--good news considering a boat trailer loses about 8 percent of traditional grease each time it's dunked into the water.