Stara Zagora

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Sta·ra Za·go·ra

 (stä′rə zə-gôr′ə)
A city of central Bulgaria east-northeast of Plovdiv. It is an industrial center and railroad hub.

Stara Zagora

(Bulgarian ˈstara zaˈɡɔra)
(Placename) a city in central Bulgaria: ceded to Bulgaria by Turkey in 1877. Pop: 163 000 (2005 est)

Sta•ra Za•go•ra

(ˈstɑr ə zɑˈgɔr ə)
a city in central Bulgaria. 156,441.
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In early 2012 there were reports that a South Korean company is interested in taking over the airport in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria's sixth largest city, in order to build a logistics hub.
STARA ZAGORA, BULGARIA -- Videoton EAS ( in April opened a production plant here, where the EMS company plans to build electronics for household appliances.