stare decisis

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sta·re de·ci·sis

 (stâr′ē dĭ-sī′sĭs)
The doctrine or principle that precedent should determine legal decision making in a case involving similar facts.

[Latin stāre dēcīsīs (et nōn quiēta movēre), to stand by things decided (and not to move things at rest), stāre, to stand, dēcīsīs, ablative neuter pl. of dēcīsus, past participle of dēcīdere, to decide; see decide.]
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Their decisions, though obviously those of persons incompetent in all fields but that of the law, become, by virtue of the convention known as stare decesis, mistaken for, and obeyed as if, they were the absolute scientific, moral, and spiritual truth.