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n.1.(Zool.) The European starling.
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It's an escape from a social media-obsessed society where so much seems fake and contrived and we're indoors so much that the idea of risk-taking in the outdoors is very appealing," said Starn, though he added that it's disturbing that people feel they must go to such extremes to find release.
There's a tradition going back to the '60s of black athletes calling attention to social injustice," Starn says.
Gold is a fast-paced middle-grade adventure novel set in a world that is still picking up its pieces -- leaving plenty of room for Starn and Esper to make a difference.
La linea que va de Starn (1971) a Shank (2008) es, en principio, mas escueta en sus aportaciones.
de la Cadena, Marisol and Orin Starn (eds) 2007 Indigenous experience today, Berg, Oxford.
Sin embargo, como Marisol de la Cadena y Orin Starn (2007) correctamente advierten, el activismo indigena es un proceso "sin garantias".
En la experiencia peruana, Starn senala que: "Los campesinos llegaron a identificar a las rondas con un nuevo espiritu de cooperacion local y autonomia (.
KILMARNOCK STARN ohnston Ch i J 7 Came as close as anyone to scoring.
Starn interprets the Globe headline "WARNING: AVATAR CAN MAKE YOU SICK & SUICIDAL
Having hosted memorable shows--Doug and Mike Starn and Jeff Koons come to mind--this high outdoor space has become a summer destination for New Yorkers, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays, when the building stays open late.
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