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n.1.A nobleman who possessed a starosty.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Department for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and Assessment POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (ACADEMIC PRACTICE) Nathalie Claire Louise Goodchild, Aberdeen; Anna Krystyna Lindahl, Poland; Craig Andrew McDonald, Inverurie; Kristof Johan Starost, Dunbar; Gemma Stevens, Glasgow.
Eric (Ric) Starost is assistant vice president of marketing for Tokio Marine HCC -- MIS Group, a leader in travel medical and international student insurance headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind.
The only reports of gallbladder neoplasms in wild animals in the literature are as follows: an adenoma in a chimpanzee (STAROST & MARTINO, 2002) and a bearded dragon (JAKAB et al., 2011), an adenocarcinoma in two African lions in captivity (SAKAI et al., 2003), and biliary tumors (two adenomas and five carcinomas) in prosimian primates in a retrospective study (REMICK et al., 2009).
Numerous studies have investigated the protective effects of sensitive, responsive, and nurturing parenting on social, emotional, cognitive, and language development (e.g., Bornstein, Tamis-LeMonda, Hahn, & Haynes, 2008; Landry, Smith, Miller-Loncar, & Swank, 1997; Steelman, Assel, Swank, Smith, & Landry, 2002), and the negative effects that harsh and/or intrusive parenting can have on these domains of development (e.g., Culp, Hubbs-Tait, Culp, & Starost, 2001; Pungello, Iruka, Dotterer, Mills-Koonce, & Reznick, 2009).
Dohled nad jeho usporadanim si vzali na starost editori Jaroslav Usiak, Jana Lasicova a David Kollar.
the definitely greatest number of managerial (52% of all managers) and clerical posts (56%), as compared to other sections, were found in the section of the mayor and starost (the second largest section with regard to the share in the total number of employees),
(72.) Watashi K, Yeung ML, Starost MF, Hosmane RS, Jeang KT.
Mezi nejcastejsi duvody teto volby patri: vysoka exponovanost v pracovnim procesu, obava ze ztraty zamestnani, pece o clena rodiny, ale i starost o "domaciho mazlicka", nedostatek financnich prostredku, jine rozlozeni vyuziti volneho casu [2].
Dace sve sto imamo, pa pod starost da perem tude kosulje!"