State bed

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an elaborately carved or decorated bed.

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The large, impressive room, one of the best in the house, the great state bed, as I almost felt it, the full, figured draperies, the long glasses in which, for the first time, I could see myself from head to foot, all struck me--like the extraordinary charm of my small charge--as so many things thrown in.
The state bed of Sobieski, King of Poland, was made of Smyrna gold brocade embroidered in turquoises with verses from the Koran.
The state bed at Erddig, a National Trust property near the Shropshire/north Wales border, dates back to 1720 and still has its original silk fabric, while the Chinese wallpaper in the bedroom is about 250 years old.
Losses are attributed to volume declines following a downsizing of underperforming medical staff and natural attrition, and a negative hit of approximately $34 million related to government funding changes, including an increase in the state bed tax and rate reductions related to the rural floor program.
| More than 1,000 people were employed by the house and estate in the mid 19th century, including a "rat catcher" and "state bed maker".
Copies of the 2017 Colorado State Bed & Breakfast guide are also available at member inns, Colorado State Welcome Centers and Denver International Airport.
The headboard depicts Adam and Eve in likenesses of the King and Queen, surrounded by the fruits of Paradise which would symbolise fertility and the couple's hope for an heir, giving rise to its name, The Paradise State Bed.
The main focus is the 528-year-old Paradise State Bed, thought to have belonged to the first of the Tudor monarchs Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York.
Everywhere are remnants of the family's eccentric collection from an alligator head to the 18th Century Calke state bed, still with its shimmering silk hangings.
It included a superb 18th century state bed, still in its crates because no room was high enough to house it, with silk hangings as good as when they last saw daylight two centuries before.
Others, such as the State Bed from Melville House, have been in store for nearly twenty years.
This man also cared for the upholstery of William III and even Queen Anne - although she herself mostly resembled a state bed, to my mind.
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