state flower

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state′ flow′er

a flower chosen as an official symbol of a U.S. state.
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The trail, highlighted by Oregon grape - the state flower - and oaks, passes some of the recent restoration projects at the recreation area.
The level of detail is amazing," says OTO President/CEO Corry Oakes, pointing to exterior stonework incorporating custom motifs such as the Jessamine, South Carolina's state flower.
The schoolchildren of Mississippi voted in 1900 to select the state flower.
Vermont's outdoors is a salve and a muse for Mulherin, 25: His right arm is covered in tattoos of the state flower, the state fish, the state seal, the loon from the reservoir ("They don't know how hard I ride for them," he said, referring to the loons).
Examples of information provided include the state flower, animal, flag and song; the impact of the gold rush and railroad on California's population and economy; and the reason Lombard Street is so curvy and the fact that it is not the curviest street in San Francisco.
You could do worse of an August afternoon than to sit back in an Adirondack chair swatting mosquitoes and reading tales from a place so austere that the state flower is a pinecone.
Because of its beauty, the gumamela is the City Flower of Manila, national flower of Malaysia and the state flower of Hawaii.
22 lever-action rifle to include a hand-painted sunflower, the state flower of Kansas, along with the script "Get Well Grayson" on the American walnut buttstock.
The purple-blue Rocky Mountain columbine; the state flower is gorgeous come August.
Lilacs were named New Hampshire's state flower in 1919 and have been in the state since at least 1750; the book will be added to the State Library's collection.
It goes to its credit, though, that it is recognised as the state flower of two states, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.
Knowing Alaska's state flower was typical for Lubin, who laid the groundwork for Walgreens to enter--or solidify its presence in--markets from St.

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