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Noun1.psychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced personpsychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
hospital, infirmary - a health facility where patients receive treatment
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We traced him from the state hospital for the insane at Napa to the one in Stockton, and from there to the one in the Santa Clara Valley called Agnews, and there the trail ceased.
One of these, is the State Hospital for the insane; admirably conducted on those enlightened principles of conciliation and kindness, which twenty years ago would have been worse than heretical, and which have been acted upon with so much success in our own pauper Asylum at Hanwell.
It is generally found possible -- by a little artificial compression or expansion on the part of the State physicians -- to make some of the more intelligent leaders of a rebellion perfectly Regular, and to admit them at once into the privileged classes; a much larger number, who are still below the standard, allured by the prospect of being ultimately ennobled, are induced to enter the State Hospitals, where they are kept in honourable confinement for life; one or two alone of the more obstinate, foolish, and hopelessly irregular are led to execution.
Spokesperson of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Otjozondjupa Region, Inspector Maureen Mbeha in an interview with Nampa on Monday said Mokahurua Tjikurame died that Saturday morning upon arrival at the Okakarara State Hospital where she was taken shortly after the accident.
Mississippi State Hospital honored employees with March anniversaries for their years of service to the hospital.
The woman, who was being treated in a state hospital, was in the high-risk group for serious diseases.
The cost of keeping a patient at Scotland's maximum security State Hospital at Carstairs has doubled in the past decade.
The State Hospital is an NHS hospital providing care and treatment for mentally disordered offenders in conditions of high security.
The plaintiffs, through their counsel, Surajo Ali, told the court that being employees of Kano State Hospital Management Board, they were entitled to continue to enjoy the CONHESS salary structure.
The demolition plan does attempt to preserve some of the history of the former state hospital, which opened in 1912.
TWENTY extra staff have been added to the roll at Scotland's crisis-hit high-security state hospital.
Part of the first phase of improvements includes remodeling projects to expand capacity at the Kerrville and San Antonio state hospitals, adding beds to the Rusk State Hospital and planning for a new hospital in Houston.

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