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A member of a dissenting group of Democrats in the South who formed the States' Rights Party in 1948.

[Dixie1 + (Demo)crat.]

Dix′ie·crat′ic adj.


(ˈdɪk siˌkræt)

a member of a faction of southern Democrats who opposed the civil-rights programs of the Democratic Party and bolted the party in 1948.
[1945–50, Amer.; Dixie + (Demo) crat]
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Robert Anderson's garrison at Fort Sumter (December 1860); a states' rights Democrat, he opposed secession; accused of dispersing the army and stockpiling weapons and ammunition in southern arsenals in preparation for civil war, he was cleared of this charge by a House of Representatives investigative committee; despite his consistent opposition to secession, he followed his state and accepted a brigadier general's commission in the Confederate army (July?
Born in 1828, Hindman graduated from Princeton College (1846) and was an outstanding junior officer during the war with Mexico (May 1846-July 1848); at war's end he resigned to study law, and later served in the Mississippi legislature (1854-1856); represented Arkansas in the House of Representatives as a States' Rights Democrat (1859-1861), but gave up his seat in Congress at the outbreak of war to join the Confederate Army; appointed a colonel in command of the 2d Arkansas Infantry, he soon advanced to brigadier general (late 1861) and then major general (1862); led a division in General Hardee's corps in Gen.