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rout 1

a. A disorderly retreat or flight following defeat.
b. An overwhelming defeat.
a. A disorderly crowd of people; a mob.
b. People of the lowest class; rabble.
3. A public disturbance; a riot.
4. A fashionable gathering.
5. Archaic A group of people, especially knights, or of animals, especially wolves.
tr.v. rout·ed, rout·ing, routs
1. To put to disorderly flight or retreat: "the flock of starlings which Jasper had routed with his gun" (Virginia Woolf).
2. To defeat overwhelmingly. See Synonyms at defeat.

[Middle English route, from Old French, troop, defeat, from Vulgar Latin *rupta, from feminine of Latin ruptus, past participle of rumpere, to break; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

rout 2

v. rout·ed, rout·ing, routs
1. To dig with the snout; root.
2. To poke around; rummage.
1. To expose to view as if by digging; uncover.
2. To hollow, scoop, or gouge out.
3. To drive or force out as if by digging; eject: rout out an informant.
4. Archaic To dig up with the snout.

[Variant of root.]

rout 3

 (rout, ro͞ot)
intr.v. rout·ed, rout·ing, routs Chiefly British
To bellow. Used of cattle.

[Middle English routen, to roar, from Old Norse rauta.]


 (ro͞ot, rout)
1. Abbr. Rt. or Rte.
a. A road, course, or way for travel from one place to another: the route from Maine to Boston takes you through New Hampshire; ocean routes that avoided the breeding grounds of whales.
b. A highway: traveled on Route 12 through Michigan.
2. A fixed course or territory assigned to a salesperson or delivery person.
3. A means of reaching a goal: The route to success required hard work.
4. Football A pass pattern.
tr.v. rout·ed, rout·ing, routes
1. To send or forward by a specific route. See Synonyms at send1.
2. To schedule the order of (a sequence of procedures).

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin rupta (via), broken (road), feminine past participle of rumpere, to break; see rout1.]


[ˈruːtɪŋ] N (Comput) → encaminamiento m
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