Station staff

(Surv.) an instrument for taking angles in surveying.
- Craig.

See also: Station

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Aston Fire Station staff asked motorists to be "considerate" after the driver also blocked in an emergency response vehicle on Tuesday night.
Karen Hornby, head of performance and customer relationship for Network Rail, said: "Passengers told us it was often hard to find our assisted travel teams on busy platforms when they were dressed in the same orange vests as other station staff.
Earlier, the grid station staff in the beginning of Ramazan had assured the residents of Landi Kotal of supply of electricity for at least 10 hours daily.
TWO robbers threatened petrol station staff with a knife and a gun before stealing cash.
Her uncle told station staff and the treasured teddy bear was rescued with a grabber.
Crews wearing breathing apparatus used two water hose reels to fight the fire, while petrol station staff acted quickly to isolate the fuel pumps to prevent a further spread of the fire.
"The male staff member continued to hold this boy down, sitting on top of his back, all the while the boy was bleeding from his face and being sat on by the station staff even though he had not, in any way, been involved in any kind of wrongdoing."
And Junejo directed his Police station staff to keep away from this case, and changed the SHO.
Barricades were put up as the station staff expertly marshalled crowds towards the correct platform so they could complete their journeys.
Superintendent Scheme Shafqat Shah, Inspector Mohammad Tariq and staff along with related police station staff conducted operations against such illegal housing societies.