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(Biography) Publius Papinius (ˈpʌblɪəs pəˈpɪnɪəs). ?45–96 ad, Roman poet; author of the collection Silvae and of two epics, Thebais and the unfinished Achilleis
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(ˈsteɪ ʃi əs)

Publius Papinius, a.d. c45–c96, Roman poet.
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I can hear him now, speaking the lines of the poet Statius, who spoke for Dante:
From a summer 2014 international conference in Edinburgh, 17 papers explore writing about civil war in Flavian Rome from the perspectives of Lucanean lenses; narrating nefas in Statius' Thebaid; leadership and exemplarity; family, society, and self; and ruination, restoration, and empire.
El Gorrion de Collar Rufo Zonotrichia capensis (Statius Muller 1766) es un paseriforme pequeno (14-16 cm); presenta una distribucion amplia y continua en las americas, desde el sur de Mexico en el estado de Chiapas hasta Tierra del Fuego (Isla Grande) y Republica Dominicana; muestra un amplio vacio en su distribucion en la mayoria del oeste de la Amazonia (Fjeldsa & Krabbe 1990, Ridgely & Tudor 2009, Van Perlo 2009, Neotropical Birds 2017).
Although Homer was not Spenser's most important or deliberate influence, many episodes and characters in The Faerie Queene owe their origins to what Spenser gleaned from Homeric epic as mediated by "Virgil and Statius, by Tasso and Ariosto, and by various philosophical and mythographic works" (177), notwithstanding the fact that he was able to--and did--read Homer in the original language, dating back to his early education at the Merchant Taylors' School under the direction of the pedagogical pioneer Richard Mulcaster.
(5) Juvenal also tells us that Statius was also a popular poet but made little money with his Thebaid and had to write popular prose to make a living:
Modelled after Statius's cave in the Thebiad, Chaucer manipulates the silence that marks Statius's landscape; it is interrupted by the snores of the sleepers, who have "good leyser for to route, / To envye who myghte slepe best" (172-73).
Brokken traces the development of Chopin's influence through a variety of Antillean composers, crediting Jules Blasini, who first brought Chopin sheet music to Curacao in the nineteenth century, for "herald[ing] the beginning of Dutch Antillean classical music" by composers such as Joseph Sickman Corsen, Jan Gerard Palm, Edgar Palm, Jacobo Palm, and Wim Statius Muller (p.
(8) Several variations on the story exist, the most common of which appears first in Statius's Silvae and casts Claudia Quinta as a Vestal Virgin who had been accused of incestum, rather than as a Roman matron with a promiscuous reputation.
The essential love plot is modelled on Statius' recount of Achilles on Skyros quoted by Dante (Purgatory IX.34-42).
Indeed, already in antiquity the catalogue was firmly established as one of the stock elements of the epic--Virgil, Ovid, Lucan, and Statius all include catalogues in their works.