(stăch´Ō`līk` or stăt´ũ`līk`)
a.1.Like a statue; motionless.
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With makeup and costumes, students posed statuelike to re-create "living pictures" by Botticelli, Degas, Manet and Kandinsky as part of the school's third annual Living Art Gallery show.
The poignant images--decimated cityscapes dotted with heaps of rubble, charred body parts strewn across a city street, bombed-out buildings evoking statuelike severed torsos or ancient ruins--betray not only the horrifying scale of the destruction but also the sweeping effort to repress these horrors.
NEW ZEALAND coach John Mitchell showed little sign of shedding his statuelike demeanour after the All Blacks outclassed South Africa in the World Cup quarter-finals in Melbourne.
For Roberts the "Confederate Woman" and the "Mammy" are dichotomous: the former was ideally "white, distant, statuelike, and upper-class," and the latter ideally was "black, warm, physical and subservient" (p.
In this curiously public-private, medieval-modern setting, the deadpan juxtaposition of photographer Patrick Faigenbaum's well-known portraits of Roman emperor statues and statuelike Roman aristocrats, to cite only one example, acquired both an emotional depth and an ironic patina they would never have on a museum wall.