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a.1.Arrived at full stature.
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The CGD patients can survive to adulthood but are short statured with high rate of handicap.
In the evenings, our short statured bulky colleague, Sabihuddin Ghausi would enter the Reporters Room with aplomb newspapers rolled in one hand and a cigar in the other.
with plenty of head clearance (when open) for the "taller statured."
Short statured women may have small pelvis, a matter of concern during pregnancy and childbirth.
Asked whether she was attracted to Manson, Lake described him as "cute" and "impish," adding that he was "small statured."
A 32 year old short statured male (Fig.1) with low intelligence building and red eyes presented to us for syndactaly of both hand and syndactyly of feet.
If you are fitting a Wedge for a smaller statured or female shooter, have them present to make sure they can close up their gun.
midpoint of abdomen between the lower border of ribcage and the upper border of iliac crest should be less than 35.5 inches in males and 31.5 inches in females, even less in short statured individuals.
We made a diagnosis of Swyer's syndrome for this patient because she was a normal statured girl with primary amenorrhea, with clinical features of sexual infantilism, whose genotype was pure XY.
On general examination, patient was short statured with large head and frontal bossing.
This was a problem the smaller statured FBI Special Agents suffered with when the Smith & Wesson Model 1076 was adopted by the agency decades ago.