Statute of uses

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(Eng. Law) the stat. 27 Henry VIII., cap. 10, which transfers uses into possession, or which unites the use and possession.
- Blackstone.

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The Statute of Uses 1535 was Henry VIII's attempt to overcome the damage to his revenues.
32) Statute of Uses 1535, 27 Hen 8, c 10 ('Statute of Uses 1535').
The Preamble to the 1601 British Statute of Uses, in which our law of charities is rooted, makes no mention of religious worship or services--although it does confirm the charitable nature of the repair of churches.
6) This is the preamble of the 1536 Statute of Uses (28 Hen.
The single most important change was the Statute of Uses, which Spring renames "The Husband's Charter" (pp.
The suppression and the Statute of Uses brought enclosure, and former pasture and leased farm land disappeared with the arrival of Henry's favourites.