stay behind

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stay behind

Agent or agent organization established in a given country to be activated in the event of hostile overrun or other circumstances under which normal access would be denied.
يَتَخَلَّف عَن
blive tilbage
ott marad
vera eftir
gitmeyip kalmak

w>stay behind

vizurückbleiben; (Sch, as punishment) → nachsitzen; I stayed behind after the partyich blieb nach der Party noch da


(stei) verb
1. to remain (in a place) for a time, eg while travelling, or as a guest etc. We stayed three nights at that hotel / with a friend / in Paris; Aunt Mary is coming to stay (for a fortnight); Would you like to stay for supper?; Stay and watch that television programme.
2. to remain (in a particular position, place, state or condition). The doctor told her to stay in bed; He never stays long in any job; Stay away from the office till your cold is better; Why won't these socks stay up?; Stay where you are – don't move!; In 1900, people didn't realize that motor cars were here to stay.
a period of staying (in a place etc). We had an overnight stay / a two days' stay in London.
stay behind
to remain in a place after others have left it. They all left the office at five o'clock, but he stayed behind to finish some work.
stay in
to remain in one's house etc and not go out of doors. I'm staying in tonight to watch television.
stay out
to remain out of doors and not return to one's house etc. The children mustn't stay out after 9 p.m.
stay put
to remain where placed. Once a child can crawl, he won't stay put for long.
stay up
not to go to bed. The children wanted to stay up and watch television.
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The underlying assumption for a stay-behind operation is that the target country could rapidly change political orientation and become a hostile environment for U.
The last major stay-behind operation was mounted prior to the acquisition of Hong Kong by China in 1997.
Washington is currently preparing stay-behinds in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Egypt.
The current rotation in support of OIF II is much more complex--synchronizing the deployment and redeployment simultaneously, with considerations like 365 day Boots-on-the-Ground and stay-behind equipment factored into the equation.
The United States funded these stay-behind groups for decades.
It set up the secret stay-behind organization and funded it for more than two decades.
One notorious terrorist incident the stay-behind group may have been involved in occurred on May Day, 1977, when the major trade-union confederation organized a rally that brought several hundred thousand people to Istanbul's main Taksim Square.
the stay-behind operation the Americans had started.
Bernard Legrand, head of the Belgian stay-behind force for seven years until the government ordered it disbanded after the Gladio scandal, says programs continue covertly in many countries.
officer Thomas Polgar, who held the Bonn post after Cline, says he doubted the merit of the stay-behind programs all along.
Polgar claims the stay-behind armies were kept distinct from other C.
The last major CIA denied area, stay-behind operation was in Hong Kong in preparation for the takeover by China in 1997.