Steady rest

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(Mach) a rest in a turning lathe, to keep a long piece of work from trembling.

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Depending on the position, your supporting hand may be glued to your fore-end or, if you're resting over a pack or other steady rest, may be curled back under the butt of your rifle.
Running steady rest with sliding jaws passage 10 - 70 mm.
Then I screwed the bolt on to the shroud and installed the steady rest in the lathe so it would support the bolt at the extractor collar.
In field shooting, you never know when there won't be a steady rest available.
Even if I got down on the log, even if I got a steady rest, even if the buck stood absolutely still, the shot was still totally out of the question.
If you really want a steady rest, Battenfield Technologies makes a Dead Shot Field Pod.
On the bottom of both legs, ribbed grip caps provide a secure and steady rest.
It can turn even a pick up truck hood into a rock steady rest.
5 inches long, is equipped with optional steady rest and internal wheel dressing features.
He uses old pipes as a steady rest for his homemade tool holders.
A shooting bag that goes where you go and provides a steady rest for virtually any shooting adventure, the new Monkey Bag is a small, sub-compact range bag that transforms into a variety of configurations.
The Richter manual steady rest models include gas springs, rotating, traveling, C-form, grinding, roller, and ring styles.