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Noun1.stealth aircraft - an aircraft designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar difficultstealth aircraft - an aircraft designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar difficult
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
stealth bomber - a bomber that is difficult to detect by radar
stealth fighter - a fighter that is difficult to detect by radar; is built for precise targeting and uses laser-guided bombs
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The irony is that the term 'fifth-generation' as it refers to military conflict originated with weapons companies describing new stealth jet fighters being developed back in 2005.
ASUPERSONIC stealth jet due to have its repairs base in North Wales has completed its first test flight armed with British missiles.
"Song was formerly a senior scientist on the J-20 stealth jet programme and has already been honoured by the People's Liberation Army -- China's military -- for his work on Dove, according to information on the university website."
We surmise that the immediate cause of North Korea's sudden antagonism was the launching on Monday of the two-week Max Thunder drills, with American B-52 bombers and F-22 Stealth jet fighters capable of nuclear strikes.
"This fifth-generation stealth jet is extremely versatile and will greatly enhance and expand our operational capabilities."
Tensions are expected to rise further in the coming week as South Korea and the United States launch a massive air force drill mobilising some 230 aircraft including six US F-22 Raptor stealth jet fighters.
Stealth jet fighters are designed to diffuse signals from all types of radars.
It was China's second successive display of a new stealth jet at the biennial Zhuhai show, following the 2014 debut of the J-31.
Israel plans for the stealth jet, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, to replace its fleet of F-16 warplanes and maintain its aerial dominance in the region.
The red, white and blue shield-slinging hero then revs up his motorbike as he faces up to what I assume is a stealth jet plane - and there's so much more of that sort of thing.
Even now, the colonel has a hard time believing he gets paid to fly the stealth jet.
Flutter once famously caused an F-117 stealth jet to bust apart during an air show in 1997.