Steam coil

a coil of pipe, or a collection of connected pipes, for containing steam; - used for heating, drying, etc.

See also: Steam

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Tenders are invited for "Design, Supply, Fabrication, and Erection of 500mt Steel Cylindrical Oil Storage Tank (10 Mt Dia X 7 Mt Height) with Heating Steam Coil, Hand Railing, Manholes, Suction & Delivery Pipe Lines & Valves Etc.
In order to transfer the tallow, it must be heated using an in-tank steam coil system powered by one its three boilers.
The syrup passes to a Carablend unit where it caramelises under its own heat as it moves through a stainless steel tube with totally enclosing steam coil wrap.
Where steam is available, a radiator or steam coil can be installed inside the riser.
Tenders are invited for supply of steam coil set for sulphur pit.
Ideally, temperatures should be measured and evaluated at each location where there is the possibility for an energy exchange, including at the inlet (outside air or mixed air temperature), after the heat recovery coil, after the fan, after the steam coil, after the chilled-water coil, after humidification, and at unit discharge.
All models can be supplied with electric immersion water heating, with optional steam coil heating for the larger 700 and 800 series.
Tenders are invited for Steam Coil Made Out Of Bs3059 Boiler Tube Ibr Approved Quality Suitable For Steam Boiler Of Double Ace Engineers Of Model No Dar-Sib-Vi Power 2.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Services For Evacuation, Cleaning And Steam Coil Replacement Of Tank-203 Of Itf Tengakhat In Oil India Limited, Duliajan
Limited Tenders are invited for Job Of Steam Coil Hydrotesting Of Steam Coils And Hose Pipes At Wadilube Installation.