Steam fitter

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a fitter of steam pipes.

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His skills as a steam fitter and his spiritual outlook caused him to answer a call to serve as a lay Anglican Missionary in the high Arctic in 1914.
His father was a steam fitter who died of tuberculosis when Haggerty was 3 years old.
Desrosiers worked as a steam fitter for the City of Worcester for 30 years retiring in 1996 and enjoyed hunting and fishing.
Flynn was a steam fitter for Johnson Controls, retiring in 1984.
Leo once worked as a steam fitter for the Worcester State Hospital before retiring.
Started as steam fitters, the company, which has 20 employees, later became wholesalers of pipe, steam fittings and tools.
The WEP14-150 Quick is a 6" angle grinder/cut-off machine for welders, sprinkler fitters, pipe fitters, plumbers, steam fitters, mechanical contractors, and those in metal fabrication and the mechanical trades.
Each day UA pipe fitters, plumbers, welders, steam fitters, sprinkler fitters and service technicians bring architecture and engineering concepts to life in industrial, commercial and residential building settings.