Steam heater

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A radiator heated by steam
An apparatus consisting of a steam boiler, radiator, piping, and fixures for warming a house by steam.

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He was employed at Royal Steam Heater Company in Gardner for 35 years and retired as the Shop Supervisor and Purchasing Agent in 1992.
Heat exchangers can take advantage of high-temperature combustion air from the steam heater, hot oil unit or indirect oil heater to heat the air intake to the spray dryer.
The supply water temperature to the plant averaged slightly more than 125[degrees]F (52[degrees]C) at the outlet of the steam heater.
Alfa Laval is now releasing the TS Series of steam heater plate heat exchangers to the sanitary industries.
It does now take two hours to heat the NaOH versus one hour previously, but should this later be deemed a problem, we could simply replace the current tank immersion heater with a steam heater.
As mentioned earlier in the text, the horizontal dryer (the first unit installed) was designed with a steam heater.
Separate air conditioning and steam heater units are used to better control operating costs.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of steam heater of 50 Kg.
Tenders are invited for Rmo Laundry Equipment At S J Hospital New Delhi Sh Replacement Of Wornout Steam Heater And Repairing Of Hydro Extractor
treasurer and former president of Royal Steam Heater Co.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of drive system washing machine including gear box and steam heater of Drying Tumbler etc
Jay Davis Drake, former chair of the MWCC Board of Trustees and a former member of the foundation, presented the award to the d'Entremonts in memory of his father, treasurer and former president of Royal Steam Heater Co.