Steam pump

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a small pumping engine operated by steam. It is usually direct-acting.

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Operation of gas boiler rooms, in district heating stations, a wood / gas boiler, gas / oil-fired boiler with a steam pump and a mixed collective electric heating.
The jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the gargantuan Marshall 'inverted vertical' triple-expansion steam pump that dominates the main exhibition space (right).
The Shand Mason horse-drawn steam pump dates back to 1901, when it was supplied to Blackburn Fire Brigade.
Nearly as old is the Shand-Mason horse drawn steam pump fire engine that will also be there along with lots of decommissioned fire engines and some new ones.
The club's steam pump has a small steam engine on one end and water pump on the other.
A smaller steam pump should have come on to help the problem, but this did not happen properly as the smaller pump oversped and cut out, the inquest heard.
A smaller steam pump should have come on, but this did not happen properly as the smaller pump cut out, the inquest heard.
He was so impressed that in 1717 he commissioned engineer John Desaguliers, an early developer of steam power, to create a steam pump for his fountains at Letny Sad (the summer garden) in Saint Petersburg.
The index is mostly accurate and certainly detailed: it even picks up the one reference to barrier fortresses and the one reference to the steam pump at Koenigsburg.
Just eight years later English engineer Thomas Savery patented a more practical steam pump, followed by the "atmospheric steam engine" built by Thomas Newcomen and John Calley in 1712.
At the highest end are the steam pump and steam generators, which both use a water supply that is external to the iron.