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Noun1.Steam pipe - a pipe conducting steamsteam pipe - a pipe conducting steam    
pipage, pipe, piping - a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.
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Lahore -- The under construction 1230 megawatt RLNG Haveli Bahadur Shah Combined Cycle Power Project, notable due to its steam system will be fully operational by March 2017.
The company is testing the drone technology as a way to reduce the time and cost it takes to inspect the boilers, which are an integral part of the largest district steam system in the world.
It helps to ensure the entire steam system runs with minimum energy consumption and that modern package boilers are able to efficiently meet the fluctuating demands required by many of today's industries.
Spirax Sarco has launched a turbidity monitoring system for detecting non-conductive contaminants such as fats, oils and greases in condensate, so steam system operators can recover substantial amounts of energy that would otherwise be lost.
For steam distribution, TLV Toolbox not only covers pipe sizing, but also steam system optimization through calculations such as boiler efficiency and steam dryness from pressure reduction.
The steel manufacturer has previously worked with Carbon Trust Wales to reduce energy consumption on several of its sites and recently made the impressive saving of PS185,000 by streamlining the steam system at its Trostre plant to make it more energy efficient.
"The cause for the shut-down on February 25 was a mechanical problem on the isolation valve on the plant's secondary steam system," a statement said, adding the vital parts of the valve had been replaced.
Other topics include steam system accessories, water treatment, fuels, and instrumentation and control systems.
The all-new Nova washing machine comprises numerous eco-friendly features, namely an advanced steam system which, when applied as an auxiliary function at the beginning of the washing cycle, cleans soiled clothes efficiently and with ease.
The 18-month project which began in May includes a multitude of facility infrastructure improvements including the steam system infrastructure renovation, an advanced solar-thermal heating system for the swimming pool, central chilled water and steam plant improvements, building automation improvements and ventilation and dehumidification improvements for the library.
There are numerous steam traps available and selecting the correct type of steam trap is an important element of any steam system. Whilst Thermostatic, Thermodynamic and Mechanical are extensively used, the Fixed Orifice Condense Discharge Trap is now becoming the steam trap of choice.