Steel wine

wine, usually sherry, in which steel filings have been placed for a considerable time, - used as a medicine.

See also: Steel

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The stainless steel wine cooler sports the troupe's uniform of white, red, and silver accents.
SAVE: PS3 | Le Vrai gourmet brushed steel wine cooler, Debenhams.
SAVE: PS2 | Le Vrai gourmet brushed steel wine cooler, Debenhams.
Barware accessories continue in popularity, evidenced by the number of new aerators that attach to the top of a wine bottle, including ones from Vacu Vin and True Fabrications, as well as new ice cube alternatives, such as Sparq's whiskey stones and stainless steel wine "pearls." Corkcicl, enjoying the success of its in-bottle wine chiller, introduced a series of wine bottle stoppers and toppers, while newcomer BarlOder, which introduced a 10-in-1 tool that is fashioned after a Swiss Army Knife and includes everything from a muddler to a strainer and jigger, was a finalist in the kitchen preparation category of the Best New Product Awards.
Velox Wine Works: Increase sales of stainless steel wine barrels to restaurants throughout the county, reducing the use of glass wine bottles.
This stainless steel wine glass hanging rack can hold up to 24 glasses in six sections, and will make your kitchen.
Stainless steel wine tanks in a fermentation cellar.
Silvertap Winery in Sonoma, CA shipped the equivalent of 5,000 cases in 2010 and the company's founder, Dan Donahoe, expects to refill his stainless steel wine casks with the equivalent of 20,000 cases this year.
There is a recess suitable for an American style refrigerator, an AEG microwave and AEG coffee maker, a stainless steel wine cooler, a steel Belfast style sink, an integrated dishwasher, base units and drawers with granite work surfaces, wall cupboards with concealed lighting, ceramic tiled floor with underfloor heating, French doors to the garden and space for a table and six chairs.
* A 57 Wine Bottle Monogram Stainless Steel Wine Reserve, from GE (value $1,700);
THIS cute, stainless steel wine rack contains four mini bottles of wine - two red, one rose and one white - from around the world.
The hand-wrought steel wine rack, which holds seven bottles, is made in Bangladesh by rural artisans reviving and promoting traditional craft skills.