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 (stĕf′ən-sən), Vilhjálmur 1879-1962.
Canadian explorer and ethnologist who studied the language and culture of Eskimoan languages and cultures.


(Biography) Vilhjalmur (ˈvɪlˌhjaʊmɛr). 1879–1962, Canadian explorer, noted for his books on the Inuit


(ˈstɛf ən sən)

Vil•hjal•mur (ˈvɪlˌhyaʊl mər) 1879–1962, U.S. arctic explorer and author, born in Canada.
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Niven used her haltingly written diary, newspaper articles, a book in which Stefansson mentions her, and other records to recreate her two years in the Arctic.
Kari Stefansson, who led the study in Iceland, said: "Our findings indicate that genetic factors contribute to the risk of specific cancers.
This is an exciting study, because DG031 represents a potentially powerful new means of treating the causes of heart attack," said Kari Stefansson, CEO of deCODE.
An adventure is a sign of incompetence," Stefansson is famous for saying, but he sent others into adventure and tragedy.
Heat flow and thermal measurements (convener Valgardur Stefansson, Reykjavik).
IPSWICH have offered highly-rated Iceland Under-21 defender Eggert Stefansson as trial.
Through this alliance we are well-positioned to take a leading role in delivering more personalized treatments for common diseases," said Kari Stefansson, Chief Executive Officer of deCODE.
David Stefansson Confederation of Icelandic Employers Vice-Chairman of the Consultative Committee
He was a member of the Stefansson Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918.
Stefansson talks of another high drama--the media's treatment of stars.
Sernyk and Stefansson (1983) included Japanese winter parents in their study, but the resulting hybrids did not mature before the end of the growing season and were removed from the analysis.
Detailed ethnographic descriptions of the process of preparing dried caribou meat have been presented by researchers such as Jenness (1922:101-103), Stefansson (1913:337-338; 1946:37), and most recently and exhaustively, Binford (1978; Witter 1990).