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n.1.(Zool.) A gander.
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With the addition of some others, who were also bound for the Grimsel, we formed a large XHVLOJ as we descended the STEG which winds round the shoulder of a mountain toward the Rhone Glacier.
Established in October 2006, the subsidiary of STEG had realized a turnover of 3.2 million dinars in its first fiscal year (2007), of which 80% was exported.
La meme source a fait savoir que meme les agents de la STEG, et notamment ceux operant dans les agences commerciales, ne sont pas au courant de cette augmentation, ajoutant qu'il est difficile de comprendre la methode de calcul de la nouvelle tarification, surtout pour le client.
STEG in February tendered a 400 MW combined-cycle power plant to be built at Ghannouch.
These installations are the cause of electrical overload, technical losses and high voltage drops, sometimes higher than 20 %, which is clearly above the accepted levels stipulated in STEG's contract specifications (7 % for the medium voltage network and 10 % for low voltage).
He also warned against the phenomenon of electricity smuggling by trafficking the meter or by illegal connection to the STEG network, announcing the implementation in the near future of repressive measures by the Ministries of Interior and Energy .
Harrabi said these are small two-hectare photovoltaic solar stations (each with a capacity of 1MW) that allow investors to sell electricity to STEG.
It is important to note that all these loans are negotiated by the board of directors of the company and fully guaranteed by the State, which is the sole shareholder of the STEG.
STEG is having two major power projects presented as IPPs: a 350-500MW plant to be on stream in 2014 at Bizerte; and a 1,200MW Elmed plant to be ready by 2014, of which 800MW will be exported to Italy via a 200-km marine cable to Sicily.
Elle a indique que 67% des consommateurs tunisiens beneficieront du meme tarif applique par la STEG.
While Damaged Goodz raised the bar with debut album Audio-biography this year, Steg G and Freestyle Master's new stuff takes it up a further notch.
Tunisia's Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) Aa Aawas granted on Tuesday a loan worth 47,570 million euros, that.