v. t.1.See Steek.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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LLC, co-chair of the golf outing with Tobias Steik of Central Ink.
(...) ['top rick, puncture'; 'to stab with a dagger', and stik, 'to fix, fasten, attach'] See DOST stek(e), steik, stik, v.1 and v.3.
At one of the city's popular meat eateries, Steik World Meats, the two chefs recently introduced a unique spin on traditional dishes from the Philippines, adding a modern twist.
Pitchers Clayton Hamilton and Ricky Steik, who played for the Ems in 2004, were both traded by San Diego.
Dennis Steik, head of the Atlanta Marist Province, and Harold found each other as partners in 2002 when they grappled with the issue of another Marist priest who abused Harold when she was 10 years old in the late 1960s.
(Middle English steke might derive from Old Norse steik, but Scandinavian wines are out of the question.) Usage note: If Cabernet Sauvignon is not available, secondary synonyms may serve as intriguing substitutes: Syrah (Shiraz), Petite Syrah, Rhone style blends, substantial Merlots, and powerful Zinfandels.
Eugene reliever Ricky Steik was loaned to Portland, San Diego's AAA affiliate, to pitch one game but the right-hander is expected to rejoin the Ems today.
This year, Mark Green of Pargreen Process Technologies, the longtime CPIPC Golf Outing coordinator, received the President's Award from club president Tobias Steik of Central Ink for his years of service to the club.
He was followed by a trio of relief pitchers - Jose Cespedes, Richard Steik and Brandon Kintzler - who combined to throw four perfect innings.
Richard Steik (1-1) survived a shaky bottom of the ninth to record the victory.
and CPIPC president Tobias Steik of Central Ink present a prize to John Larsen of Carroll Scientific.
Tobias Jay Steik of Central Ink is the new president, taking the reins from Jeff Coyne of Cloud, LLC.