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n.1.Radiation of light.
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GFAP-deficient astrocytes are capable of stellation in vitro when cocultured with neurons and exhibit a reduced amount of intermediate filaments and an increased cell saturation density.
Job analysis results are often used to make decisions about the most efficient and effective con stellation of jobs to accomplish work (Fritz & Cheeseman, 1994).
nt wrong, didn n's Might may have hot at stardom, but stellations. n.
The use of CubeSat con stellations positioned for the right coverage at the right time through novel methods and miniaturization of specific payload-sensing technology can produce these effects.
Turcica (Perrinia) morrisoni Ladd, 1966 from the Miocene and Recent of the Marshall Islands is more depressed, has a more granular sculpture and fewer, stronger peripheral stellations.
Of all the spring con stellations now spread across most of the southern and eastern sky, only three might be called conspicuous: Leo, Corvus, and probably Bootes.