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Noun1.Steller - German naturalist (1709-1746)
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There are also questions about how a road-building project approved by Congress earlier this year will impact Steller's eiders.
Sea cows, shamans, and scurvy; Alaska's first naturalist: Georg Wilhelm Steller. Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
History, true adventure, travel and science blend in the vivid survey STELLER'S ISLAND: ADVENTURES OF A PIONEER NATURALIST IN ALASKA.
Steller's island; adventures of a pioneer naturalist in Alaska.
These islands are an important wintering area for Steller's Eider, which is under threat worldwide.
Eider Journey is a comprehensive education and stewardship program addressing conservation and management issues of the North American breeding population of Steller's eiders (Polysticta stelleri).
ACF would like to pay tribute to the late Robyn Steller, killed in a tragic riding accident on May 13th, just two months after she was awarded the inaugural ACF Creative Conservation Prize 2005.
The Rockefeller University laboratory of Hermann Steller created mice that lack the gene septin 4.
National Marine Fisheries Services interpreted the agency regulation of an endangered species, the Steller sea lion.
PerkinElmer exhibited steller performance (up 107%) for a major turnaround from 2002.
Certification also ensures that when Monett, Mo.-based Jack Henry upgrades Banker II, the new features will be fully supported by STeller.