Haliaeetus pelagicus

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Noun1.Haliaeetus pelagicus - found on coasts of the northwestern PacificHaliaeetus pelagicus - found on coasts of the northwestern Pacific
sea eagle - any of various large eagles that usually feed on fish
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There was Rosie the Andean Condor; Barty the Bearded Vulture, Nikita the Steller's Sea Eagle and Poppy the Peregrine Falcon.
Attended by their human handlers, the feathered stars of the show include Rosie, an Andean Condor; Barty, a Bearded Vulture; Nikita, a Steller's Sea Eagle; Poppy, and the Peregrine Falcon.
Nikita, a steller's sea eagle, gave her handlers the slip and soared into the sky in front of visitors on Tuesday evening.