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 (brō′mə-lən, -lān′) also bro·me·lin (-lən)
A proteolytic enzyme obtained from pineapples.

[New Latin Bromel(ia), former pineapple genus; see bromeliad + (pap)ain.]
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(Biochemistry) an enzyme derived from pineapple, used as an anti-inflammatory agent in homeopathy and as a meat tenderizer in the food industry
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(2012) relates to the characterization of many authors, who found the optimum temperature for stem bromelain from 50 to 60[degrees]C while the fruit bromelain the optimum temperature 37- 70[degrees]C.
Bromelain has two main sources: Fruit bromelain (EC extracted from pineapple fruit and Stem bromelain (EC extracted from inedible pineapple stem.7 Stem bromelain is economical to produce; hence it is the more commonly available commercial product.
The percentage yield for the partially purified stem bromelain enzyme was around 2% and its concentration was quantified to be 3997 ([+ or -]604) according to the Bradford assay.