Stem leaf

(Bot.) a leaf growing from the stem of a plant, as contrasted with a basal or radical leaf.

See also: Stem

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Moreover, the Se accumulation in the different tissues of tomato were different and was in order of stem leaf > root fruit (p [?] 0.05).
Dorsal lobe of stem leaf plane, apex acute to breifly apiculate, perianth pyriform, 3-keeled ...
Dorsal lobe of stem leaf distinctly recurved, apex mucronate or apiculate, perianth abruptly narrowed to a long-cylindrical beak ...
The total soluble sugar sucrose and starch content in the stem leaf and bud organs were significantly increased by paclobutrazol application at the initial flowering stage.
Total soluble sugar content (TSSC): The effect of paclobutrazol application at different canola stalk heights on TSSC of the root stem leaf and bud was similar for the two seasons (Fig.
However the starch content in stem leaf and bud followed an opposite trend as compared with the root.
Brown (1968) used autoradiography to show that a boll is provided photosynthate from its bract, boll wall, subtending leaf, main stem leaf subtending the sympodia, and leaves higher up on the same side of the main stem; however, Kerby et al.