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In a press release issued by PRO Fazal Naeem here Saturday, 15 Kalashnikov, 3 Kalakov, 6 Repeaters, 11 Rifle, 1 Sten gun, 19 guns, 98 pistols, 6000 cartridges, 96 chargers, 33 kilogram Cannabis, 1000 gram Heroin, and 12 liter alcohol were seized.
On D-Day, his unit attacked the Mont Fleury gun battery and when a machine gun opened up from a pillbox, Hollis rushed forward, Sten gun blazing, before leaping onto the roof of the building and throwing a grenade into one of the firing slits.
Caption: The iconic "MP5" SMG silhouette is now as easily recognizable as that of a Thompson or a Sten gun.
Caption: The British Sten gun was probably the most widely used Frihedskaempere weapon, (courtesy Capt.
But we were sure that we would take [some more] from Germans, and I think it was by the ninth or tenth day, I already had a Sten [the Sten Gun, a British 9mm submachine gun].
On April 4, 1961, along with my ambush party consisting of three Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and three Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) of my unit, all armed with rifles, while I carried a Sten Gun we reached the site.
One very proper young RN Ordinary Seaman, having found himself a Sten gun, had attached himself as ship's company, and to add lustre to the white ensign that had been provided with the naval stores, a temporary acting sub-lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve, took command.
Police also searched a wooded area near the flat and recovered an Uzi and Sten gun and rifle parts from the nearby River Ayr.
Meanwhile, the police have sent the seized weapons including two AK 47 rifles and a sten gun, for forensic tests.
Backler, who was not usually armed in his role as a driver who loaded weapons onto RAF aircraft, was given a Sten gun for the mission.
Officers initially found a semi-automatic sten gun, a number of rounds of ammo and packages of suspected controlled drugs after searching the plot at around 8.40pm yesterday.
Rather, it was the type of maniacal "ack-ack" that brought to mind a Sten gun being emptied into an Easter pageant scene full of fluffy chicks and bunny rabbits.