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 (stĕn′ə-hā′līn, -hăl′īn)
Limited to or able to live only within a narrow range of saltwater concentrations. Used of aquatic organisms.

[steno- + Greek halinos, of salt (from hals, hal-, salt; see halo-).]


(ˌstɛnəʊˈheɪliːn; -laɪn)
(Zoology) (of certain aquatic animals) able to exist only within a narrow range of salinity. Compare euryhaline
[C20: from steno- + haline, from Greek hals salt + -ine1]
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Such alteration would make the post-construction years similar to a naturally occurring harsh year by extending the period when cold, salty water was present (Ross, 1988), and could lead to domination of the nearshore fish community by euryhaline species at the expense of stenohaline fish (Ross, 1988).
Presumably, stenohaline fish would be excluded from this important feeding habitat and replaced by euryhaline species, thus altering the species community in the area.