Stenopelmatus fuscus

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Noun1.Stenopelmatus fuscus - large wingless nocturnal grasshopper that burrows in loose soil along the Pacific coast of the United States
long-horned grasshopper, tettigoniid - grasshoppers with long threadlike antennae and well-developed stridulating organs on the forewings of the male
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Insects included Mormon crickets (Anabrus simplex), Jerusalem crickets (Stenopelmatus fuscus), grasshoppers (Orthoptera spp.), beetles (Tenebrionidae spp.) and various larvae.
The North American developmental hosts for this species include various Acrididae (Ward and Whipple, 1918), Odonata (Cappucci, 1977), the orthopterans, Stenopelmatus fuscus Brunner (Cappucci, 1977), Stenopelmatus spp.