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n.1.An opening in a wall in a coal mine.
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In the past decade, some doctors have tested stenting on blocked carotids.
Long-term stenting for a period of several months significantly reduces the rate of restenosis, particularly in difficult cases.
Tryton Medical's Side-Branch Stent([TM]) has all the characteristics of a state-of the art workhorse stent, providing proven stent coverage to bifurcation lesions while eliminating the need for provisional stenting.
With Tamai's work, he says, "a number of former problems have been resolved and a new approach to coronary stenting is emerging.
He noted it was similar to performing a provisional stenting procedure, without leaving the side branch ostium unprotected.
There's always been this nagging concern that stenting .
ICPS Group, Noted for Its Pioneering Work in Bifurcation Stenting, Uses Tryton Medical's Side-Branch Stent[TM] to Definitively Treat Coronary Bifurcation Lesions-- New Strategy Expected to Eliminate Need for Provisional Stenting
The live case will be performed using an alternate side branch stenting approach and the Sideguard[TM] Bifurcation Stenting System developed by Cappella, Inc.
developer of advanced stenting systems for the treatment of coronary bifurcation disease announced today that it will participate in a live animal case featuring the Sideguard[TM] side branch stent, and will present results of its successful pre-clinical studies at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation's (CRF) eighteenth annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) scientific symposium.
Editors: PROTECT = Patient Related OuTcomes with Endeavor versus Cypher stenting Trial.
Thoraxcenter, Rotterdam, Uses Tryton Medical's Side-Branch Stent[TM], Treats Coronary Bifurcation Lesions, Eliminates Need for Provisional Stenting
Tryton's dedicated 'save-the-side-branch' strategy removes the uncertainty associated with provisional stenting," Professor Grube added.